We offer a wide range
of services that combine marketing with technology

We have over 15 years of experience in AI and predictive analytics. During this time we have completed many projects for leading companies in Poland and abroad.

AI Consulting and advisory

Advising C-level executives and line of business directors on benefits, challenges and pitfalls of AI projects. Building ROI and planning AI and analytics initiatives. Empowering executives with know-how on changing organizations to embrace the power of analytics.

Predictive Analytics
and AI solutions

Building understandable solutions tailored to the company’s needs and limitations. Techno-agnostic approach when choosing the technical platform in order to optimize the TCO and existing assets. Assistance in monetizing the solution within the organization’s processes, systems and KPIs.

Big data & BI

Integrating legacy and external data to have a holistic view of customers. Leveraging best of breed cloud, hybrid and on-premise tools for data management, processing, and visualization to achieve optimal TCO, internal assets utilization and performance.

Marketing automation

Empowering enterprises from telco, banking and retail industries with tailored marketing automation and optimization solutions. Delivering separate high availability platforms addressing each company requirements and challenges. Powered by HCL Unica and IBM Campaign foundation and leveraging Data Force Group’s custom add-ons and experience.

Estimate your successful AI project

Find out how much does it take to grow your business with analytics, AI and Big Data.